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Para los amantes de este canto como podrías ser tu, te dejamos el aretha franklin himno, un musical muy interesante y del gusto de un montón de gente

Aretha Franklin Himno

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  1. Who cares how big her size is. What matter is how big her voice is! One of the few that can hit a double-octave in a single note. Unbelievable.

  2. Some of you will never have what this woman had from so many. Respect. If u can’t respect her then respect her music she have earned it.

  3. She was awesome,,,the day when we loose her as the Creator R&B and soul she would truly be missed 60 year of amazing musical history!!!

  4. Some people in this comment section clearly have no respect for real singing…this was amazing and we all know it. Sad part is, most of the people hating on her talent can’t even sing the ‘happy birthday’ song much less a beautiful national anthem. Thanks Aretha for an awesome performance…you are the Queen of Soul!


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