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Audio: Himno de La Luftwaffe

En este post tendrás la alternativa de oir el himno de la luftwaffe, y además lo podrás bajarlo formateado a MP3, en el caso de que quieres ponerlo de tono de llamada por decir algo.

Este cántico es reputada en el mundo entero, por sus años y entorno en el que se compuso. Es del gusto de mucha gente, tanto gente inmerson en el mundillo de la música como de la gente de a pie.

Himno de La Luftwaffe

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  1. Most memorable recording ever. Could only be Royal Marines. Clarity and transparency in every department and at every stage. Recording by comparison by Central Band of the RAF is on a par in every way with this, just lacks a little oomph especially in tuba department. Both brilliant each in its own idiom. Great musicianship that exploits the potential of a great piece of music to the full. Thanks everyone.

  2. It the written by the English film music composer Ron Goodwin, after Sir William Walton was dropped from composing the music for the film Battle of Britain.He composed it at very short notice, and came up with a total gem, which sounds completely Germanic in tone, capturing all the fine qualities of the old style German march. It has become very popular in Germany as well!!

  3. Back in the late 1970’s I got to know a bank guard at a then-famous Chicago bank. Talking about target shooting one afternoon, he taught me that a target higher than your line-of-sight appeared bigger, lower than you looked smaller, and to adjust your range estimate accordingly. I asked how he learned this, and he said I vas a tailgunner in Luftwaffe during der Var.


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