Himno Ultravox. Audio MP3 y Vídeo

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En nuestra web tienes la posibilidad de oír el himno ultravox o llevártelo encima a todos los lugares bajándolo a tu ordenador o teléfono móvil.

Para artistas musicales, personas curiosas o solamente fans del cántico, aquí está el himno ultravox, para oírlo tranquilamente, bailarlo, o interpretar su musical con el instrumento

Himno Ultravox

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  1. Those Synths take me back to the 1980-82 era.Music sounded so much better then, with true meaning.I love the way Ultravox always included a dramatic synth/piano solo in their masterpieces.Epic!

  2. Wow, i hadn’t heard this in years and it still gives me the same feelings as when i was oh so young! A genuinely creative work of musical genius, i love it!!!

  3. Listening to loads of 80s stuff at the minute, takes me back to happier times away from this covid19. Love this track
    Stay safe people

  4. This was (& still is) hypnotizing to me as a young wild & free teenage girl here in New Zealand. Midge Ure’s voice is Mesmerizing & took me away to places beyond! Beautiful Escapes! Deep Memories! I Will Love Ultravox Always! ♥️✝️♥️

  5. Arguably the strongest music video that Ultravox released. I remember (pun intended) watching this when it was released and feeling an emotional response, watching it now and understanding the underlying message. Really shows the emotion that music and video can produce !

  6. one of the best things about 50 years old,is the fact that i lived my teenage years in the 80’s that is priceless and i am grateful !!!

  7. We flew to London (we’re from Canada) to see what is likely to remain Ultravox’s last live performance: November 30, 2013. ‘Hymn’ brought me to tears (as it’s doing now). I waited 33 years for the chance to see them live. It was only nine songs, and I didn’t get a single picture, but I’ll never forget experiencing Hymn live.


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